Our 365 project

Inspired by others we have decided to have a go at a 365 project. That is we will attempt to take a picture and post it everyday for a year. Well we might take a picture everyday but we might not get it online everyday! Some of them will be more interesting than others, but we hope you like it and we are certainly looking forward to looking at everyone else's.
I apologise in advance if or maybe when my memory slips and I forget to keep it going!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

15th February

At last order for new customer finished and ready to deliver on Friday!

14th February

Valentines day! our 22nd together! Must admit though this flower was Bernards not mine!

13th February

Catching up on orders now the germs have retreated!

12th February

The paper re-cycling bin is the new favourite place to play! 

Tuesday 7th February - Saturday 11th February

This was the best way to sum the intervening period! I am very grateful that my family are old enough to look after themselves if needed, 'cos I felt pretty horrid and was glad to be able to retreat into the tissue box! My heart goes out to other mummy's who have little ones and have to keep going, I remember those days  - stay strong ladies - you're time will come!!!

Monday 6th February

Brotherly love!!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

5th February

I guess most pictures today will look like this! Bernard and I just had to go for a walk in it! Brisk and sunny, now retired to sofa with hot lemon and honey!